spotted owl

from hadley hutton’s etsy shop (please click on image for link)

Hadley’s shop is beautiful and I just had to share her work.  Now that I know where and when I can walk along with owls at night I can’t stop thinking about them. It is a strange turn of events to find myself walking around in a park that is basically a landfill covered with grass, with the bay on one side and 10 lanes of 880 on the other side, to then look around and notice the owls flying amongst the dog walkers, kite flyers and maker-outers.



traceface owl


etsy shop: traceface, owl plus tree (click on image for link)

Discovery: Right before dusk at the Berkeley Marina the owls come out to hunt. They like to perch in the cedars before swooping down to glide over the hills. Currently there is a baby owl in the owl box that likes to watch the walkers.