I have some experiments going on in my kitchen. I’m a little cautious, excited and overwhelmed at once. You see, I’m taking care of all these little micro-organisms all of a sudden. It started with going over my friend’s house last week. He handed me a wine glass of bubbly, pink hued, slightly sour, slightly sweet kefir water. It was so refreshing, and do I need to mention again pink and bubbly? I nonchalantly mentioned I would love to learn how to make it, and two seconds later I had a mason jar of kefir water grains with a plum floating in it and a black sharpied heart on the lid in my hands. Uh-oh. Responsibility for tiny lives. You can get a bubbly beverage in about 24-48 hours and I’m on my 5th batch now. The first time I opened up a batch and it made the carbonated sound I was so excited! I would give you  instructions, but this website is great and detailed; she even made you tube videos so check it out. Kefir is an amazing source of probiotics for healthier digestion and it is so inexpensive to make this drink. Just a tablespoon of sugar, some water and some fruit. Easy.

That being said, I know fermentation can seem a little contradictory of how a lot of you grew up. Encouraging something to rotten and bubble? No thanks, many of you may say. And I have to say that I had my doubts as well. The picky eater in me came out. The squeamish side of me balked. But then I took a drive through the agricultural belt in central california. I saw the huge monocrops and the massive silos. I saw one two story silo just for sunflower seeds. And it was good to see, because I forget about these monstrosities, what with my local farmer’s markets and front yard grazing. Compared to that silo my little jar of kefir creatures seems pretty harmless.

I’m also now in possession of a sourdough starter… but more on that later… I have to go feed everyone!