There’s a pretty great article and slide show in the NY Times this week about homesteading type folks growing their own mushrooms. The article mostly centers around a group called Ecostation who have reclaimed a small garden in Bushwick that they now call ‘The Secret Garden’.  I wish I was in NY to check this place out because it sounds amazing. It took them 3 years to haul all of the contracting trash out of the lot and then after that they brought in truckloads of mulch that they innoculated with oyster mushrooms to help clear the toxins. Since then a group of gardeners have drilled holes in over 200 logs and filled them with spores. Each log produces over 1lb of mushroooms. There’s also over 250 burlap sacks throughout the garden growing mushrooms of all varieties. Don’t you want to go see that in person? In the middle of NYC? Their goal is to provide low cost mushrooms to volunteers and to sell them cheaply at the Bushwick Farmer’s Market. With the exception of those oysters that are cleaning up the place!