I’m pretty much in love with these right now, of course that they are brightly colored and it’s another grey day here in Portland definitely helps. These cute planters are the creation of etsy shop Plaid Pigeon from Austin, TX.

My sister-in-law stumbled upon this great hidden garden plot while on one of her walks and  sent me this picture. I love it!

I love Bougainvillea. I remember moving to California and seeing it’s paper thin petals (although I think technically they may be sepals) scattered all over the sidewalks in bright pink, orange, red and sometimes white. And I also remember the first time pruning it and getting scratched up by it’s brutal thick thorns. In one place I lived it grew so fast and furiously I felt like I could watch it grow. Amazing. I know the posts have been a little slow around these parts but I’m preparing to take my board exams for acupuncture. The studying hours have been long and tedious so when I’m done I don’t want to be anywhere near my desk, computer, or even words for that matter. So the posts will slow down around here a bit until I pass that exam in 8 weeks! Please be patient! Or add me to your RSS feed so you can see when I pop up again! But on the other hand, I was amazingly surprised with a new camera for graduation so you may be seeing more photos here! The one above was with my old camera though Mom! xoxo

I just came across this great post from the Agricultural Society that breaks down all the herbs, oils and spices that can make up a super effective medicine cabinet. Click here to check it out!  I just spent a good chunk of my day last week at a Kaiser pharmacy and after watching the thousands upon thousands of meds being dispersed, and seeing all of the plastic those meds were encased in, I feel more committed then ever to preventative medicine. We’re all so used to hearing about whole foods now, with the logic that you should only eat foods that you can identify… but we need to start applying the same approach to our medicines whenever we can. At any rate, this article is a really good resource list.

Last year G and I decided that instead of storm chasers we would be wildflower chasers and follow the wildflowers up in elevation in such of perpetual spring. Here’s some pictures of the stunning Sunol Valley Regional Park.

The inspiring guerrilla gardeners over in Brussels are calling for an international day of stealth planting of sunflower seeds in every abandoned parcel of land on May 1st. Their blog has a complete instructional on the planting and care of the seeds and also has a great inspirational photo set of people’s successful plantings last year. Here are some of the pictures to get you going! I’ll definitely be out there, just got my seeds yesterday. Check out their work here.

Treehugger has a great slideshow of images of the urban forest, here are some of my favorites:

I’m in love with the favas in my front yard, they’re so stunning. The delicate flowers with the black tinged petals, mixed in with the reseeded calendula flowers is quite a combination.  Over the past few months they have grown taller then me, which is strange but welcome, and yes, I am over 5′ tall. I planted them in the bed that held my tomato plants last summer to get the soil primed with extra nitrogen for this years tomatoes. Favas are a legume and like the rest of their family fix nitrogen in the soil so they’re a good winter crop for areas where you will be planting heavy feeders like tomatoes. Then they’re so pretty and delicious to eat as well, it’s a win-win. Recently my neighbor showed me that you can pluck the new growth from the favas and eat it directly in salads or just graze the leaves as you pass. I’d highly recommend these if you haven’t grown them already!


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