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Well, sometimes a six or seven month break is needed I suppose. I’ve been busy building my practice, Nightingale Acupuncture here in Portland. And I’ve also been terrarium maven and chicken wrangler at Pistils Nursery. It’s a great combination of worlds for me and I’m loving my decision to move further North. I haven’t stopped taking pictures for the Urban Field Guide or collecting pictures on the new-to-me Pinterest phenomenon. I’m constantly looking around at the intersection of nature, humanity and art. And the possibilities of medicine lurking within that tryst. Absolutely. Lately I’ve been in love with the blog From Moon to Moon. It has me dreaming of growing into a bohemian lifestyle now that I’m about to enter my 40s. Sure, why not? If it looks like this:


Now that I’m further North I’m even more inspired to get to see this amazing phenomenon. Have you seen it?

The NY Times has a great post today on the art of Ben Wilson, London’s resident chewing gum artist. He works tirelessly with a blow torch, some lacquer and  his paints to create tiny pieces of art throughout the city from blobs of old chewing gum stuck to the pavement. It’s a sweet article, that you should definitely check out. I really appreciate his process and commitment.

You know The Urban Field Guide is loving the work of Anna Garfoth! I’m so grateful to the always inspiring blog My Love For You Is A Stampede Of Horses for introducing me to her work!

I love her mediums in these photos: masking tape, leaves and moss.

My first Portland snow! Beautiful, big flakes covering the morning with a thick coat of sparkles. By 10am it was all gone. But I have pictures to prove it! I thought the ones below were particularly appropriate for The Urban Field Guide. Rain barrels, old cars, bicycle soup delivery carts, guerrilla knitting, tire swings and palm trees (yes, snow covered palms) all got gussied up this morning.

Dori Midnight is a lovely force of nature. She is an interfaith minister, intuitive counselor, tarot card maker, teacher of herbs and magic and an amazing artist. I had the pleasure of spending time with her in San Francisco, and really think all of you should know about her fantastic work. Her website Dorilandia is gorgeous and provides links to her work and her apothecary offerings, including charmed honeys, boundaries in a bottle and elixirs, like Wonder Syrup.

She also has a blog midnight apothecary that is really insightful and well worth a trip over to visit. Really, I feel like I just let you in on a great secret! Shhhhhh!

I love these beautiful photographs from Marco Suarez that I saw posted up on Design Sponge this week. Go here, to see his etsy shop. I’m really thinking I may need to get one of these for my new acupuncture office!

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