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I’ve been really loving the LA Times Home & Garden section lately. They’ve had some great stories, and one of their latest about the West Adam’s Community Garden is no exception. The article highlights the work of artist Julie Burleigh in turning a vacant weedy troubled lot into a community oasis, complete with rabbits and worm boxes to provide resources to revitalize the neglected soil. For the whole piece please go here!

It’s been a while since I’ve done an Etsy post, so here goes! Now that I live in a wintry clime I really get the whole seed catalog craze. The dreaming of spring  and sprouts. So why not fancy that dream up a bit and include some vintage flower pots?

Merchant of Kismet, Engraved New York 1954
Neato Keen shop
Taking Shape Shop
Tinted Vintage

Such a great title. Tom Waits is running a Limited Edition second print of his chap book, Seeds on Hard Ground. It’s a final printing and limited to 1000 this time around. All of the proceeds go towards the food bank in his home town, Redwood Empire Food Bank in Sonoma County. Great artist, great project. You can pre-order here, sales start on 2/28. Too bad it’s not a leap year. You know, just because.

I have long been a fan of Just Seeds collective of artists and activists. You can check out their website here. Josh MacPhee has played a huge part in getting this amazing site going and promoting artists who are sharing visionary work. His partner, artist Dara Greenwald is going through cancer treatments right now, and this great couple could use your financial help. A group of really amazing artists donated their work and an online auction has been created. Please click here to check out the auction. Here are some of the amazing pieces being auctioned off. Now, go! Spend your hard earned cash on art and health, it’s a good trade!

Julianna Bright is one of my favorite artists. Look at this beautiful calendar she’s made to usher in 2011! Go to her Etsy shop, quick! She’s also made it into a gorgeous tea towel…..

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some great Etsy sellers. So in continuing on my ‘I hate plastic’ theme, here are some people making some great alternatives to way too common household plastics!

cute sandwich bags by Sew Long Ziploc
Ceramic water bottles by Cloudwest
Farmer’s market totes by Jess Because
Organic produce bags by ecoFlair
Reusable bowl and pan covers by Sew Much Style

Well, the birds are in high gear right now and I want to share this amazing print with you to remind everyone to be careful and on the look out for nests! This lovely piece is by Roll and Tumble out of Little Rock, and is available here.

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