B is for Borage

C is for Chamomile

D is for Dandelion

There is an amazing and inspired place in SF known as Hayes Valley Farm. It occupies an area of the city that used to be a freeway and the artists and farmers that collaborate there are creating an educational oasis. One of the projects they currently have going on is the Alphabet Project, begun by edible office/Zoey Kroll. A co-collaborator and fellow blogger over at Bitter Pattern has created her own version of the challenge and is doing an A-Z compendium of  medicinal herbs,  Alphabet Garden: the Herbal Set .  The beautiful pictures you see above are from her site. Along with each photo she offers detailed information of the uses of these herbs and even has some video instructionals to help you make your own concoctions. It’s a great body of information generously put together for all of us to learn from. You can get involved in this project too over at the collaborative Alphabet Garden blog. There is also a beautiful flickr set here. Enjoy!