I love using witch hazel as a facial cleanser. It’s so cooling and has become a good way to wake me up after hours of studying. I got bored with my plain witch hazel though. And while I know I can buy rose or lavender infused witch hazel I thought it would be better to make my own. This took literally two minutes and was really satisfying. I have some roses growing near my front door that smell amazing so I picked about 5 of them, snipped off some rosemary, lavender and calendula and brought it all inside. I briefly rinsed the flowers and then pulled all the petals off the roses, which again, was oddly satisfying. And beautiful. I packed all the herbs into a mason jar, covered it with witch hazel and shook it up well. Immediately the witch hazel took on a pink hue. I didn’t want any of the plants to oxidize and go rancid so I place a river rock on top to hold everything down. This was actually made about 2 weeks ago and I’ve been watching it turn a deeper and deeper shade of dark pink. I used it the first time and it was great. Rose, rosemary, lavender and calendula are all great for the skin, but you can also add lemon balm, mint or borage if you want to switch it up. Let it infuse for about 2 weeks and then strain the herbs from the witch hazel with a fine cloth, like cheese cloth or a bandana, then put witch hazel in a clean dry bottle. Done.