I love Bougainvillea. I remember moving to California and seeing it’s paper thin petals (although I think technically they may be sepals) scattered all over the sidewalks in bright pink, orange, red and sometimes white. And I also remember the first time pruning it and getting scratched up by it’s brutal thick thorns. In one place I lived it grew so fast and furiously I felt like I could watch it grow. Amazing. I know the posts have been a little slow around these parts but I’m preparing to take my board exams for acupuncture. The studying hours have been long and tedious so when I’m done I don’t want to be anywhere near my desk, computer, or even words for that matter. So the posts will slow down around here a bit until I pass that exam in 8 weeks! Please be patient! Or add me to your RSS feed so you can see when I pop up again! But on the other hand, I was amazingly surprised with a new camera for graduation so you may be seeing more photos here! The one above was with my old camera though Mom! xoxo