I’m in love with the favas in my front yard, they’re so stunning. The delicate flowers with the black tinged petals, mixed in with the reseeded calendula flowers is quite a combination.  Over the past few months they have grown taller then me, which is strange but welcome, and yes, I am over 5′ tall. I planted them in the bed that held my tomato plants last summer to get the soil primed with extra nitrogen for this years tomatoes. Favas are a legume and like the rest of their family fix nitrogen in the soil so they’re a good winter crop for areas where you will be planting heavy feeders like tomatoes. Then they’re so pretty and delicious to eat as well, it’s a win-win. Recently my neighbor showed me that you can pluck the new growth from the favas and eat it directly in salads or just graze the leaves as you pass. I’d highly recommend these if you haven’t grown them already!