There was a time period last year where most of the gas stations in Berkeley were closed down. Their signs were removed, the lots were fenced off, and the pumps were mysteriously wrapped in black plastic. Months later, they reopened one by one. Conspiracy theorize at will, I have no idea what was going on. But today, I drove by one of those lots that never reopened. In fact it was demolished with all of its parts removed including the gas wells. And now, I was shocked to see the entire property (still surrounded with chain link fence) covered in red clover. I don’t know if someone seed bombed it or if the land itself is growing the necessary nitrogen fixing plants to heal itself. Either way an old gas station lot, on a busy corner, transformed into a field of gorgeous spring time clover is a beautiful sight to behold.

I love how the last photo makes the corner of university and mlk look like the photos from antelope valley below!