My friend Karen K who wrote this blog entry and took these amazing photos, recently told me about how vending machines were being used by farmers in Europe to sell their eggs, sausage and milk. So I went on an internet expedition and found some really interesting things happening. Now, all I can think of is these vending machines being a great mechanism to bring healthier food into dense city neighborhoods where fresh food is hard to find. On this website I found images of vending machines selling raw milk. The idea started with Italian farmers, and has now spread to Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, and The Netherlands.

And then I found these images from Western Tokyo of vending machines selling eggs and fresh produce. And of course, they are from Japan so they are totally aesthetically pleasing!

And then there’s a German company, Peter-und-Paul Hof, that has a fleet of vending machines where they sell fresh milk, cheese, eggs, butter, potatoes and sausage. They’ve even installed a few of these at the head of hiking trails in Switzerland so after a long day of hiking (and singing) in the mountains you can get fresh fixings for a huge meal!

And, finally because I really should leave the house today instead of obsessing over vending machines in foreign lands, here’s a photo from flckr of giant rice vending machines in Japan.