Hayes Valley Farm is the news around town right now. I heard about it through my pal Zoey at The Edible Office. The land it occupies used to be where the old freeway was torn down, and then was a large lot slated for, of course, condos. But the building of the condos was stalled and in the meantime a group of farmers, educators and designers worked hard and got not only permission to use the lot, but also received fiscal sponsorship from SF Parks Trust. Amazing. So as it stands now the farm is looking at a 2-5 year time line. But SF neighbors can be persuasive so we’ll see how that turns out down the road.

You can go to their website (which is where this picture is from) to check out what’s going on there in more detail. They had a sheet mulching party last week and they are having work parties on 2/7, 2/11 and Valentine’s Day. The farmers are also offering classes like the one coming up on March 1st, Greenhouse Basics. If you’re in SF, go check it out, it’s at the corner of Oak, Fell, Laguna and Octavia!