I’m really excited about going to the sf underground farmer’s market next thursday. They still haven’t announced the location but the date, 1/28, and the time 5-11pm is set.

Click here to go to their website and obsessively check for an update!  I haven’t been yet but my understanding is that this farmer’s market is about accessibility for the home gardener, crafter, survivalist, and maker. Commercial kitchens are exclusionary due to their cost for many talented cooks, crafters and fermenters so this underground market is perfect. It is the organizer’s intent to invite others to learn what’s being made in the home kitchens of SF. I’ve lived here for about 15 years now, and the communal thinking and the collective doing of the people living here never stops amazing me. They are currently looking for vendors whom are backyard gardeners, home food producers and skill sharers. All sales are by “suggested donation” and you have to sign up for a free underground farmer’s market membership to get in. I love it. Secret, sneaky, inspired. They’re also looking for musicians. If you’re in SF be sure not to miss it, I’ll see you there!