I know you’re dreaming of spring garden plans. Recently I was in a nursery and the worker there told me they are cutting back on ordering basic landscaping plants and concentrating more on fruit trees, herbs and vegetable starts. So while you’re considering your summer’s harvest consider ordering some seeds from Kitazawa, a California company specializing in Asian vegetable seeds. They’ve been around since 1917 and their selection is amazing and their catalog is an inspiration all on its own.

You can buy individual seed packets such as chrysanthemum greens, shiso, Japanese mugwort and pickling melons, there’s a long index of different crops to try out. But they also have really fun garden sets like the macrobiotic garden, and the shabu shabu garden. The pickling garden is my favorite and includes the aforementioned pickling melon, takana mustard, senryo ni gou eggplant, green cucumbers, daikon, turnips and chinese cabbage. Their catalog and their website both include a large section on recipes to get you even more inspired.