Hello! All the best wishes and hopes to you for 2010! I’m easing back into being home after a whirlwind tour of the Pacific Northwest. So many beautiful sights – snow on the firs/pines/cedars, fog winding through mountain passes, chickens running around the front yards of portland and lots of good strong coffee, even some coffee stout. I’ll post some pictures later, but for now wanted to let you know about the good work being put out by Krank Press in LA.  In their etsy shop they are selling ‘Perpetual Gardening Calenders’, which are beautiful spiral bound collections that are not just for 2010 but are, well, perpetually useful. They have some specific calendars like one for the Pacific Northwest and SF that are amazing. Each month has a linoleum cut illustration and includes 2 lists. One list is planting recommendations and the other is a produce list of what’s available in the markets for that month. In addition there is also a space for note keeping on the side. Love it!

They also have  a calendar of the odd birds of LA featuring amongst others, a burrowing owl page. Less then a mile from my house there’s a burrowing owl habitat and every time I see them I feel incredibly lucky.