School is done for the semester, and I’m now realizing that we are full on in the holiday season. I’m driving to the Pacific NW in a few days stopping in Mt Shasta, Portland and then the Olympic Peninsula. We’re bringing a cooler of food, good music and a few emergency blankets. We’re set. Every time I make this trip I’m completely floored by the beauty, and then since there’s always a flip side, I’m also devastated by the seemingly endless views of clear cutting that are punctuated by the enormous mossy logs sailing down I-5 on the back of trucks. And the paper mills, and the smell of the paper mills…. We are not powerless in this vision though, we just need to change some of our (modern) traditions. Two of my favorite blogs Small Measure and Design Sponge have been collaborating lately to talk about ecology and the health of our planet. Today Ashley from Small Measure has a great post on alternative ways to ‘wrap’ presents. Check it out here!