I left the strangely balmy SF Bay area this weekend to go camping in Yosemite, now before you think I’m super rugged, I have to admit that I was staying in a heated tent cabin that was maintained at 85 degrees. But while I was there I encountered that sensation called winter and it reminded me that the holiday season really is nipping at my heels. So commercialism and consumerism are on steroids and we’re all running around at a quicker pace but we can slow down and help out individuals, instead of corporations with wretched work ethics. Remember your local artisans, crafters and independent stores. Remember your own ability to make and create things for folks you love.

Last year the  I took the handmade pledge went around a lot of the blogs but I thought I’d bring it up again just in case you didn’t see it. They have a blog attached to the pledge page that is really up to date with all of the laws that affect small businesses, I’d encourage you to stop by and maybe add the pledge to your own blog!