Before I begin with digestive teas I want to acknowledge the beautiful artwork on the tea towel above by Skinny laMinx from Capetown, South Africa. I love her drawings and it’s no surprise, what with my predilection for vintage teacups, that this tea towel of her drawings of vintage teacups is a favorite of mine. Please go check out her etsy shop by hitting on the link above!

So you are most likely going to stuff yourself silly this year, just like last year, and the year before that. It happens to the best of us. It all just tastes so good. Let me offer some herbal advice to help ease those, um,  uncomfortable feelings. If you are near an acupuncturist or a good herb store you can go in and ask for the formula called Bao He Wan. It is the go to formula for such occasions as thanksgiving. If this is not available, then  making a tea of any combination of the following, or even any of these herbs alone, will help. Ginger, mint, fennel, citrus peel or chamomile work wonders. A generous pinch of each per cup will work. And if you are really prepared and want to make a medicinal dose, then the night before add a big handful of the herbs to a quart jar. Fill with not quite boiling water and let it sit over night. Strain in the morning and you can reheat it after the meal, just don’t let it come to boiling again. Simple & effective. Enjoy your day!