I’ve written before about plastic on this blog, I’ve talked about cutting down the usage of plastic bags with reusable produce bags and about creating your own seedling pots out of paper. Small steps, but important steps. Two days ago the NY Times wrote about the culminating piles of trash collected in our oceans. One massive entanglement has grown to be roughly twice the size of Texas.  Let me repeat that: twice the size of Texas. Most of this trash is plastic. The avoidable, pervasive and oh so toxic material of modernity.


Please click here to view the whole article. Nurseries and growers use a tremendous amount of plastic. Perhaps starting with one simple target would be good, like putting pressure on the nurseries to put pressure on the growers, to stop using the plastic tags in each and every plant. Imagine how many of those tags are discarded a year. Now think of our oceans. Tragic. I would also encourage all of you who don’t already, to return your used black pots to growers and nurseries, most will gladly take them back for reuse.