Every day I walk past lots that are full of broken glass, scraggly foxtailed grass and cracked cement. Typical city adornment. A lot of people have been taken with the idea of seed bombs and are lobbing tiny balls of hope over many fences within busy city borders. I looked around on Etsy because I am obviously fascinated about the breadth of homemade crafted goods people offer on there. Sure enough there were some seed bomb offerings, and I’m loving these by the shop Visual Lingual.



Now for those of us not living in the Midwest here is a recipe to make your own.

Seed Bomb Recipe:

5pts dry red clay (to hold them together until the rain)

3 pts dry organic compost (for seedlings nourishment)

1 pt seed

1-2 parts water

*Combine dry materials, add water until a paste is thick enough to form penny sized balls. Allow the seed bombs to dry for 3-4 days in the sun. For those of you in California the seeds from lupine and california poppies are great plants to use.

Now while I LOVE this idea, and would encourage folks to try it out, I have a few caveats.

*Make sure that the seeds are for local native plants only. I know cities aren’t exactly natural, but we can still hope to encourage the wildlife that need native plants to take up residence. It would be totally irresponsible to throw seed around from non-native invasive species.

*Please stick to lots and city cracks only. Do not bomb any area set aside for wildlife. The ecosystem is fragile and I’d hate for your enthusiasm to have catastrophic interspecies  effects!