First, let me apologize for my sporadic posting lately. My acupuncture program is really in full gear and honestly, I’ve just been too tired! But I’ve missed it here so it’s nice to be back this morning. These days whenever I’m at school I make a big cup of medicinal tea to put back in some of those nutrients I’m burning through while trying to pay attention. I thought I’d do a weekly herbal tea recipe here. Since everyone around me seems to be hacking with a cough or burning with fever I’ve been paying close attention if I feel even a bit run down. il_430xN.97360518

My favorite recipe right now for preventing a cold when I first feel it coming is elderberry and ginger tea with honey.  For 1 strong steaming cup: At least 1 teaspoon dried elderberries (only the black, ripe ones!) and 2 teaspoons fresh grated ginger with a little honey or lemon to taste. Let it steep while covered for at least 20 minutes. It tastes so good and will make you sweat a bit to move that nasty cold out of your system. It’s also a really lovely purple color.

Tea cups print by Etsy shop Sollinero