This is the asian pear that cost me $3 at the farmer’s market yesterday. I know, I know! I didn’t know it was going to be that much until I got up there and handed over the cash in shock. Yes urban farmer’s markets tend to be more expensive then the grocery store. What is it like outside of these limits? Anyone? So this fancy asian pear has had a photo shoot and it’s pal has already been consumed. In Traditional Chinese Medicine we learn that the fall is a really drying time for the lungs. This can lead to a hacking cough, a sore throat, dry skin and a scratchy throats. Their lovely solution for this problem is to eat steamed asian pears. Although I bet any old pear could make a stellar substitute. The beauty of this is manifold. You can eat them this way as a preventative medicine, as an aid to help with symptoms that already are ailing you and it tastes really good.

Recipe: Cut pear into slices and steam for about 10 minutes, covered. Traditionally you are to add rock sugar before serving. I drizzled mine with honey instead. So simple and really good. And the tickle in my throat is gone. Enjoy!