I’ve written about Yes, We Can Food before in one of my very first entries. I’ll share their logo again with you though, because I love it.

Yes-We-Can_FINAL-LOGOThey run a series of canning workshops at La Cocina in SF and so far have made apricot jam, pickles and now canned tomatoes. 3000lbs of them. I thought I smelled sauce cooking all the way over here in Berkeley last week! The tomatoes are now available for sale here, so in case you missed out on canning those tomatoes from your balcony garden they are $60 for twelve 34oz. cans. Organic, of course.

9629_134376149779_82772099779_2312252_2625956_nphoto from Yes We Can Food’s facebook fan page

The workshops filled up early this year, but next year I want to get over there and experience canning on such a massive level. Not to mention that I want to check out La Cocina in person. La Cocina is a non profit organization that focuses on getting low income women into the food business. They offer small business support and classes, as well as access to their commercial kitchen at way below market prices. Then they even help distribute the product at places like the ferry building farmer’s market and Bi-rite. They have a tamale class coming up soon that looks great. You get to not only learn to make tamales, but you’ll take some home, and get to stay and have dinner and drinks too!