A good friend of mine sent me these pictures recently. The content is the sort that just really gets to me, the kind of thing that is so simple that it amazes me. I love when nature and cities find a way to coexist, but this example is so special – in part because it’s about relationship.  My friend, Karen K, went to Japan in the spring and then returned again a short while later. On her initial visit she saw these swallows nesting in the eaves of a building.


On the next trip the eggs had hatched and she was able to take another picture.


And the amazing part — well look at the next pictures. The shop keepers had hung umbrellas from the eaves so if the baby birds fell out they would be caught by the umbrella and be safe. Now, I love birds and I have come across many tragic instances where a bird fell out of a nest and met its end. And I never would have thought of this beautiful and simple solution. Love it.


Thanks Karen, for the story and the pictures!