As August arrives some of us are realizing that we planted some vegetables in excess, or that the fruit trees are coming on way too fast, or we have run out of time to can everything. Recently my friend Eli told me about the Free Farm Stand in SF which was begun by a man named Tree in 2008. (Please click on it to see their great blog!) It’s grown into a community effort with local gardeners bringing excess produce, gleaners picking street trees and bringing by the bounty and some folks picking up donations from farmers with leftovers at the local farmer’s markets.

BILL farm stand_DSC2309

photos from Free Farm Stand website

Donations are all local and include not only produce, but honey, sprouts, jam, bread, tomato sauce and seedlings. To date they have shared 1,423.6 pounds of locally grown/made foods since the beginning of the year.


What a great and simple idea. It has really turned into a huge community effort and is helping out a lot of people with food that may have just gone to waste. All of a sudden your extra buckets (and buckets, and buckets…) of zucchini are tradable for plums, peppers and honey! This happens every Sunday from 1-3 in Treat Commons Community Gardens at the corner of 23rd and Treat. Volunteers are of course, welcomed. Maybe you can start one of these in your city or town, what a great way to meet your neighbors.