I have a friend Perci who lives way too far away from me. I was visiting her in the spring when her garden was just waking up from a long Portland winter and was so inspired by the way that she sees her garden. It’s so interactive and intricately beautiful and smart, just like her. Here’s a look for you.


I love this. She lined the shopping cart with burlap so it drains well and then planted layers of potato starts. Here they’re obviously just popping up, I’d love to see them now.


Here’s the tiniest garden in her side yard right outside the door right when the first hint of green was showing. I love this garden.


Beginnings of a vegetable garden… maybe I can get her to take some more pictures and send them so you can see the garden in full bloom. I took these pictures way before I started this blog to inspire me to keep looking at my garden differently. Thanks Perci for letting me share these!