Hello! I’m back from beautiful Sequim, Washington. I miss it already! While I was there we went strawberry picking and of course picked way too many strawberries and ate even more in the process. I made it my personal mission to not let one go to waste.


We wound up picking about 12 pounds and there was already a ton of fruit in the house, so we got right to work. I thought about making a jam but then all the recipes I read called for equal sugar to fruit ratio and I couldn’t bring myself to do it. So we went with freezing. All in all we picked for about an hour and then spent a lot of hours preparing them. I think in the dead of winter my parents will be calling to thank me though! Here’s how you do it…

Don’t wash the strawberries until you are absolutely ready to freeze them or you will wind up with mushy, bruised berries on your hands. But when you are ready give them a light wash in a colander.`


Next get to sorting. Discard any over ripe or under ripe berries. Then start getting those caps off and placing them without touching on a baking tray. Before placing them on the tray you will want to gently pat the water off with a paper towel. I’m telling you it’s a bit tedious but oddly satisfying. (Sorry the picture is a little dark!)


The instructions I was following said to leave them in the freezer for 24 hours. We only had two trays and a lot of strawberries at stake so I did 12 and it worked out fine. When I removed them they were totally hard and when I shook them together (for fun? who knows why?) they sounded like marbles. I think this freezing technique is a pretty good one because it prevents them from sticking together and you don’t add a lot of extra sugar to something that is already perfectly sweet enough. A lot of recipes say to freeze them in a sugar syrup pack, but I’m not convinced.

How do you preserve your strawberries? I’m a novice at this because I only have a few plants in my tiny yard so I never have surplus so I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Here’s a view of the field we were picking in. Amazing, right? I could’ve picked all day.