I had a clinic shift in the herb room and thought I would take some pictures to share. The herb room at my acupuncture school can be a mystifying, beautiful and spine tingling place all in one. From self heal flowers to cicada husks – it’s all there.


One entire wall are drawers of herbs and then there is another  wall lined with shelves of gallon size jars. I had time to take some pictures in between filling out prescriptions. Here’s a peek into some of the jars:


The snakes are called wu shao she and are used for wind disorders.


Bundled bamboo leaves or dan zhu ye are used for draining heat.


Licorice root or gan cao is used in most formulas to help balance them.

In the back of the clinic we have 100s of formulas of tea pills and then a wall of powdered granules we give to patients to add to water to make tea. I love the way they look on the shelves.


Hope you enjoyed this look at the herb room, as time goes on I’ll do more posts on individual herbs, and may even write some on how to make your own tinctures, salves and medicinal teas. I love medicine making and really appreciate it as an extension of my gardening!