The orchid cactus bloomed today! Look!

porch orchid cactus

Two weeks ago I went to an annual plant sale held by a super cute elderly lady who lives a few blocks over. She has the greenest of thumbs and a subtle charm that made me and my partner load up with as many plants as we could carry home. ‘Sure is slow today’ she would say. Ok, two more succulents added to the pile. A true saleslady. I haven’t had luck with this particular plant before. But I know that this time, since it began with her charm, that this one will grow old with me. And look, behind the upfront drama in this picture there’s another bloom waiting!  I was told that it loves to hang in trees in speckled light and that if it’s not happy it’ll tell you quick by yellowing. She also told me to cut it way back after it flowers but I can already tell I won’t have what it takes.