traffic circle 1

Over the last few years the city has cut a hole into the asphalt of almost every other intersection in my neighborhood. They built large planters to serve as traffic circles as an alternate plan to the speed bumps and road blocks they have everywhere. The speed bumps and roadblocks are still there, but hey – now we have these great traffic circles. The city gave some money to neighbors that were willing to plant the circles but they do not do any maintenance or watering. It’s completely up to the neighborhood to keep these circles going. 


traffic circle 2

Most of the circles have food in them. The first picture has some dinosaur kale and swiss chard and there is even a tiny fig tree growing on the other side. The one above has corn, artichokes and an enormous mullein plant that I’ve got my eye on for harvesting during the smoggy/foggy summer months. The one near my house is planted with tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, corn and oddly – horseradish. The neighbor across the street is hardcore and every morning loads buckets with water onto her little red flyer wagon and hauls it down to the waiting plants. It is a beautiful spectacle.