I thought that since I mentioned below how I was eyeing the mullein in the traffic circle that I would write about it a little bit. This picture is the beauty getting ready to bloom in said circle. Mulleins are really easy to grow. They thrive on being neglected if left in a sunny spot with aerated soil. They will quickly reseed an area and you will be left with a high drama, highly useful part of your garden.  


There are many different ways that you can use mullein medicinally but I’ll just start with a few of the easiest ways. The leaves are a really good ally for the city dweller, the smoker, the factory worker, the down-winder… you’re getting it. Pick the leaves then dry them in a sunny spot, or you car commuters can use your dashboard. Then throw some of the leaves into a tea pot and let them steep for a while, even overnight to get a really strong medicinal tea. Mullein will greatly benefit your poor lungs. The leaves are a tonic for you respiratory system and help promote better air flow, they’ll help soothe coughs and ease congestion. And sure, go ahead – add a little honey.

***After it flowers I’ll talk about how to use them too*****