I came across this article while drinking my coffee and it made me smile. Yes, I’m an herbalist and an acupuncture student and I drink coffee. I am a mass of contradictions, it’s true. I love that she made a writer’s office in the garden and nailed books to the walls of the garden so they would flip their pages with the wind. How beautiful, right?

Years ago my partner and I lived in an old storefront that was wonderful in it’s own right but also had some things going against any kind of substantial garden. It was next to a bar (glass shards), not so far from the I280 freeway (soot) and shook as the BART train rumbled under it (I don’t want to know what kind of bad things rise up from the BART tunnel). So, no food. We made it a poisonous plant garden. I’ll have to hunt around for photos to add. There were a few non-poisonous plants that we rescued from their finicky owners, but there were plenty of bergmansia (angel’s trumpet) and castor bean plants for the feral cats to frolic in. I loved that garden and when I saw this it inspired me to start devising some more sinister plots.